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栃倉酒造/Tochikura Brewery



新潟県長岡市にある酒造から新たに発売されたスパークリング日本酒「Julie」のネーミング、ロゴ、ボトルデザインと社訓のビジュアルデザインをおこないました。 また当社のホームページデザインを含めて「Julie」発売を機にマーケティングを現在も担当しています。
「Julie」というネーミングは、炭酸酒を指す「十里(にごり酒が製造過程の中で発泡酒となることから二五里→ 二×五里→十里)という洒落言葉となっている」から「Julie」と名付けました。 ロゴのデザインは酒造が持つ米百俵の精神から米俵をモチーフとしたデザインとなっています。

I worked on the naming, logo design, bottle design, and visual design of the company slogan for the newly released sparkling sake "Julie" from a sake brewery in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. Additionally, I am currently handling the marketing, including the design of our company's website, in conjunction with the launch of "Julie."

The name "Julie" was chosen as a playful reference to the slang term "Jūri" (十里), which refers to sparkling sake. The term originated from the process where cloudy sake becomes sparkling sake during production, and "Jūri" evolved into "Julie" to emphasize the playfulness. The logo design is inspired by the brewery's spirit of a hundred bags of rice, featuring a motif of a rice bag.

Furthermore, the label design has a modern interpretation of the traditional sake label, incorporating a playful element by translating the wrapping paper into a contemporary style. A sash motif inspired by Nagaoka's fireworks is added to the shoulder part, secured with the brewery's seal as a playful touch.



Logo Design for "Corporate Philosophy and Julie": The corporate philosophy, written as "志耕" meaning "cultivating the land and the heart," is expressed in an original font. Additionally, the logo for "Julie" is inspired by the spirit of Tochkura Sake Brewery's commitment to a hundred bags of rice.


Bottle Design for "Julie": For the label, we intentionally used a textured, coarse paper to add depth to the simple logo and evoke a sense of traditional Japanese sake. The neck of the bottle is adorned with a sash inspired by Nagaoka fireworks.

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