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築地跡地利活用計画/Tsukiji Project




This is a proposed plan to redevelop the former site of Tsukiji Market, which was once considered the kitchen of Tokyo, into a massive waterfront area to revive the concept of "Water City Tokyo." Collaborating with a civic group in Chuo Ward, where concerns and uncertainties about the Tsukiji Market site were growing, the project aims to serve as a catalyst for revitalizing Tokyo as a water-centric city.

Given that much of Tokyo's waterfront is utilized for warehouses and has limited accessible areas, the plan seeks to create a new waterfront space at the Tsukiji site, connecting the lives of Tokyo citizens with the sea. The main objective is to establish a new aquatic space in Tokyo, starting with Tsukiji, which was lacking such a feature. The proposal includes unique experiences like floating restaurants and water-based sports facilities, offering Tokyoites an unparalleled connection with the water.

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