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岩手町中心市街地拠点整備計画/Iwate-machi Future Centre





岩手県岩手郡岩手町における中心市街地の 活性化計画。企業創生支援や地場産業を紹 介する拠点施設の、企画、デザイン、施設ネーミング、施設建築設計まで、総合的に関わっているプロジェクトです。まちづくりの知 見を活かし、都市の中核をデザインするところからプロジェクトは始まりました。


Iwate Town Central District Development Plan This is an activation plan for the central district of Iwate Town in Iwate District, Iwate Prefecture. It is a comprehensive project that involves planning, design, facility naming, and architectural design for a facility serving as a hub to support corporate creation and introduce local industries. Leveraging expertise in town planning, the project began with the design of the core of the city.

As a preliminary phase of the project, benches with bicycle parking facilities were installed in the town. The benches, crafted using locally sourced materials, are designed by stacking wooden beams in a lattice pattern.

スクリーンショット 2023-11-28 13.00.42.png


We are working on the formation of the town's core, focusing on a shopping district area located about a 15-minute walk from Numamiuchi Station in Iwate Town. A triangular layout connects three existing points: the "Machi no Eki" (town station), "Yuhazu Exchange Center (library)," and "Kamijiro Ryokan." The core of this triangle is the redevelopment and new construction of the former Tohoku Electric Power residence site, aiming to revitalize the town.

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